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You can invest in precious metals like gold, silver and diamonds because these assets get more valuable with time. In addition, precious metals are almost liquid assets. You can sell them anytime you need money and you will get good returns on investment. In case you are asking yourself "why invest in gold", the facts below will convince you to put your cash in this precious metal.

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Gold is Very Useful 

Gold is one of the most useful precious metals on planet earth. It is used in the manufacturing of certain medical equipment. It is also used in the computer industry and it is used in the aeronautical industry. In addition, gold is the first choice for people who love jewellery. It does not rust and it does not get discoloured or faded with time. Invest in gold and you will smile all the way to the bank.

Gold Maintains Currency Value

Gold is the ultimate store of value because it is used to back up currency value. In many advanced countries, the value of the currency is backed up by gold bars. If bankers and economists have so much confidence in gold, it follows that there is something special about this commodity. You should take a cue from the experts and invest some of your liquid assets in gold.

Gold in Good and Bad Times

The best thing about investing in gold is that it is a safe option in boom time and it is also safe when the global economy is depressed. When it is boom time, many people make more money. Many people simply pourchase gold at this time so this metal appreciates in a robust economy. In times of economic adversity, it makes sense to invest in gold. This is because major currencies lose value and depositors lose money because inflation has an adverse effect on their deposits. Now, this is the perfect time to buy gold because the price of this commodity usually rises in a depression and in a recession.

Insuring your Gold and Other Jewellery

If you have made the effort to invest in gold, you should also insure your gold and jewellery. This gives you a double advantage because even if your house gets burgled, your insurer will pay you for the stolen jewellery.

Final Word

Invest in gold and take out insurance policies to protect yourself in case the unexpected happens. This way, you will enjoy the ultimate win-win situation.